Employee State Insurance(ESI)

The Employees’ State Insurance Act, provides certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury.

ESI Contribution contains Employee Share as well as Employer’s Share also.
Contribution rate% of ESI
Employee Share: 1.75% of Gross Salary
Employer Share:  4.75% of Gross Salary

Eligibility of ESI
1.Employee whose salary is Rs.15000/-and less are applicable for the ESI facility w.e.f.01/05/2010.
2.Employees who are in receipt of wages upto Rs. 70/- per day have been exempted from payment of contribution w.e.f. 01/08/2007

ESI Corporation has introduced payment of contribution through system generated challans from December, 2010.  In respect of the current contribution period ending September, 2011, most of the employers have paid ESI contribution through system generated challans.  Such employers who have paid ESI contribution through system generated challans for all the six months need not submit return of contribution in hard copy.  They can submit the return of contribution online through the ESIC portal (www.esic.in)

ESI online Monthly Contribution excel template generation facility available in Saral PayPack v 4.06 & above.
ESI online option is available in the menu Reports>>Statutory Reports>>PF/ESI Reports>> ESI Online.

Steps to generate the ESI monthly Online template
1. Select the Financial year, Month/year & ESI Group.
2. Click on load button to list the ESI Details of the employee(s)
3. Click Generate button to get the ESI Monthly contribution template with ESI details

Upload the generated excel in www.esic.in portal

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